Re: Mirador Astronomy Village Living Accommodations #poll

Bennett Jones

Another point of consideration - If Mirador follows the LC Model, there is no reason to have "guest" Bed Rooms, as extra are available on site for rental as needed. The same would hold for someone who plans to expand their family size at some point in the future, you may wait and add additional adjoining Bed Rooms only when and as needed. And remember, any resident may rent a private office in the Administration Building or a private room in the Shop Building. There could be less than completely private versions of Office and Hobby Room that could be available at reduced cost. These could also be available for short term use, on an as needed basis (great for projects of limited duration). Presumably some residents would at times travel away from Mirador. Think about not having to pay rent on guest Bed Rooms, Office, Hobby Room, extra Bath Rooms, etc. while you are off on a four week trip (and having the option to rent out your own Bed Room if you are going to be away - things happen).


On Monday, June 15, 2020, 06:12:14 PM CDT, David Oesper via <oesper@...> wrote:

One clarification about # of bedrooms in the poll. A bedroom would be any room that could be used as a bedroom, or for some other purpose such as an office or hobby room. The size of some or all of the bedrooms may be smaller in the Mirador cohousing community than in a "typical" largish single family home. Not necessarily so, but they could be.


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