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Lonnie Dittrick

I know I am the newest member of this group but I would suggest that infusing our political biases into the discussion on rental communities is probably not wise or beneficial.  Sharon’s insight into all-rental communities has some validity, but I and perhaps some other members of the group have a complete opposite opinion on our national leaders.  Rep. Pelosi is far from what I would consider a virtuous, altruistic, self-sacrificing leader, but I will stop at that.  Let’s stay on topic and keep our biases out of it, or I will be the first to bow out, respectfully.

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 2:00 PM David Oesper via <> wrote:


Thanks for your thoughtful comments about the disadvantages of an all-rental community. This is such an important topic that I would like to start a separate thread under the topic "All-Rental Community". Everyone: please post your thoughts on this topic under this thread.

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