Re: All-Rental Community

Sharon Villines

On Jul 1, 2020, at 12:26 AM, maxeem <maxeem@...> wrote:

Would be good people to ask about it, even if their situation is very urban.

The city is so alluring and yet so difficult to live in that it has a million different living situations. When I lived there it felt like living in both a luxurious place and the most desolate country with broken transportation, dirt, people begging and peeing in the streets, etc. Every way you can imagine people living together is practiced daily in Manhattan.

One developer built on a very small lot — the apartments were 12’ by 12’ in a 8-10 floors because the lot was so small. The elevator protruded off the side. He expected to sell to people as a weekend or temporary residence. They were purchased by all kinds of people who all lived in them full time.

You could start with reading about intentional communities. I’m not sure how else to look them up. Usually when you start researching you find other keywords that go with the topic.

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