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Steve Taylor

I grew up in Rochdale UK. Just down the road from where we lived is the house that one of the pioneers actually lived in. The Co-op was a MAJOR force in the UK, less so now.

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I think she meant where some example co-operatives were first founded.

Rochdale principles and such I think started in England about 200 years ago? I'd have to look at it again but I think it was born out of post-war famine and inequity there. And spread to farming and grocery cooperatives here in the Midwest and elsewhere ... but I'd love to learn more about the Manhattan ones. They have some cool examples of residence coops. Met some really nice people from them. I am trying to think of one starting with a "G" where some people came from to visit Twin Oaks when I was there and they seemed so experienced. Would be good people to ask about it, even if their situation is very urban.

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such as the cooperative buildings in Manhattan, where cooperatives began, the owners own shares in the organization/corporation, usually

You mean specifically housing co-operatives here ? Co-operatives in general most certainly did not begin in Manhattan !


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