Re: Off-Grid Systems

Bennett Jones

Suggestion -

By definition, a Dark Sky Community (DSC) has some unique challenges, and while there are some features and considerations which may make sense in an urban setting, please consider the following for a DSC:

- A DSC is a remote (probably isolated) desert settlement, not an urban neighborhood.
- There are no zoning issues to add to cost (at least not here in the Big Bend of Texas).
- "Green technology" often is less expensive than having utility power extended to a remote site. and water reduction strategies are a requirement in the desert.
- "Traditional" houses on "traditional" lots would be both prohibitively expensive and the least desirable land use.
- Accept that conventional financing is not an option.
- The Bank and the City Planning Board are not part of the process with a DSC.
- Because of less surrounding support infrastructure, being as close to independent in all critical areas as possible is a top priority.


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