Re: Intentional Community Economics - Part II


Nothing wrong with sitting down to take notes from notes. A lot of work "available" from the collective wisdom of various communities. I used to keep a notebook as I traveled to communities and jotted down a wide variety of things. I'm sure it wouldn't make sense to others trying to understand my organization ... but I eventually filled it! And there's even more to learn!

As someone who's been looking into it for 10 years, I appreciate your sketchy notes. Might not help communicate to a wider audience yet but for those passionate about absorbing new information that pertains to this research, I appreciate it. Also that stuff about funding/money. Cryptocurrency is intriguing because it's decentralized but problematic because it's still private. Didn't consider that!

On 7/8/20 4:04 PM, David Oesper via wrote:

Sorry, your confusion to due to me. Lots of new ideas that I am unfamiliar with, so my notes are spotty. Just wanted to share the concepts presented. Gwendolyn focused on two areas: how to fund building an intentional community, and how to make a living in an intentionally community. There is no implication that any of this would have anything to do with Mirador Astronomy Village specifically, but there are at least a few ideas that might be worth looking into...


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