Re: Mutual Housing

David Oesper

Thanks for posting this, Steve! I wonder if Mirador Astronomy Village could be set up as a mutual housing association through a nonprofit mutual housing corporation? And if this could be extended to the apartments and sharehouse in addition to the homes?

I just ordered the author's book.

After I read through her book, I'll contact the author about Mirador.

My understanding is that this is one version of a limited-equity housing cooperative.

It might be better than the all-rental model, but how do you ask a troublemaker to leave the community if they aren't renting? For example, someone who puts up dusk-to-dawn lighting outside their home even though it is prohibited in the astronomy community? Or someone who becomes emotionally disturbed and is a danger to visitors or other members of the community? Or even someone that makes life miserable for others in the community? If they own their home, they can't be asked to leave the community, can they? This is something that we hope will never happen, but such situations can and do occur in even the best intentional and cohousing communities. A good screening process will certainly minimize problem residents being admitted to the community, but sometimes the problems develop later...

Thanks again,


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