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Lonnie Dittrick

Hi Dave, boy I’m up late tonight!   Anyways, I would have no objections.  I am still unsure about any enforceable restrictions upon which our community was built on.  It is very unclear what if any covenants are in force from the old HOA??
On my end (Western end) there is no building going on other than an access road I paid for so I could get up to my property. The Petersens (ranchers) who live just North of me acquired the ranch house and quite a few lots on the western end of RH.  

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 11:43 PM David Oesper via <> wrote:

Lonnie and Steve,

Just curious, if I wanted to build a small cohousing community on the 4 acres I own at Rancho Hidalgo, would I be allowed to do that?

Would there be any support for at least some of the other aspects of Mirador Astronomy Village at Rancho Hidalgo, or would the existing owners (including both of you) be resistant to that?



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