Re: Mirador Astronomy Village

David Oesper

That's a very good question, Steve. The research done by British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar (1947-) would suggest a community size of 100 to 250 should work well, with around 150 people being optimal, perhaps. That 150 number has even been given a name: "Dunbar's number".

Of course, the amount of land available for the project is going to put a limitation on how many people can comfortably live there.

Perhaps enough land should be purchased to accommodate, say, 150 residents and visitors. Is that overly ambitious for an astronomy-oriented community in the desert southwest? I don't know yet.

Ideally, the community would be built all at once. But if there are severe financial constraints, it might have to develop gradually. I think that the astro-tourism part of the community would have to be there early on, in order to provide an income stream for further development.


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