Winslow Cohousing - An Example

David Oesper

Winslow Cohousing is an intentional cooperative community located on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Though the warm-summer mediterranean climate of an island in western Washington is quite different than the semi-arid or arid climate of the desert southwest, this community serves as a useful model as we endeavor to design Mirador Astronomy Village. There will obviously be some differences.

Winslow Cohousing has a well-designed and informative website:

Please note that the ownership structure is not the true proprietary community we are envisioning for Mirador, but a form of owner-occupied housing.

What is the form of ownership of these homes?
We are organized as a Cooperative Corporation. Members own shares in the corporation and have a proprietary lease for a specific home. Besides a home, you also have a share in ownership of the Common House, the grounds, and other common facilities. The IRS recognizes the ownership of shares in a housing cooperative as being equivalent to ownership of a private home for the purposes of tax deductions on mortgage interest.

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