Build-To-Rent (B2R)

David Oesper

Something worth considering...

"B2R is a collaboration of developers, construction companies, investors and management companies to build single-family housing on a large scale, much the same way as it’s done in multifamily housing.

But single-family investors and developers are taking the concept to a new level, building single rental homes or even entire subdivisions with similar flavor as highly amenitized and managed apartment communities.

Developers and owners can save significantly on building costs and earn greater returns by constructing a whole neighborhood at once, as opposed to building one-offs or buying properties in other areas and converting them to rent houses.

By contracting with a single general contractor, risk isn’t passed on to owners until the property receives a certificate of occupancy. Also, renters are more likely to stay longer in a brand-new home compared to one that’s been lived in, which reduces turn costs for the management company, say single-family industry experts. And a new home with a new tenant is more desirable when courting long-term investors."


I'll be contacting companies that are developing B2R neighborhoods--particularly in the desert SW--as well as industry groups advising in this space over the next month or so, and report back here. There has got to be a way to affordably develop a B2R in a rural area using innovative modular construction to keep costs down to build a dark-sky community that will appeal primarily to retired and semi-retired astronomy enthusiasts.

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