Characteristics of Intentional Communities

David Oesper

Every intentional community has attributes that fall somewhere along various community characteristic spectra. Yana Ludwig shared the following "Spectrums for Community Visioning" during her recent webinar, "How to Start an Intentional Community". Below each "spectrum" is my suggestion for where Mirador Astronomy Village should be placed. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Income Sharing left_right_arrow % Tithing left_right_arrow Independent Finances

milky_way Independent Finances

High Resource Sharing left_right_arrow Low Resource Sharing

milky_way In the middle somewhere

No cost to join left_right_arrow High cost to join

milky_way Low cost to join

Spiritually Same left_right_arrow Spiritually Diverse left_right_arrow Supports Spirituality left_right_arrow Tolerates Spirituality left_right_arrow Secular left_right_arrow Intolerant of Spirituality

milky_way Secular

Rural left_right_arrow Urban

milky_way Rural

Mission Driven left_right_arrow Member Quality of Life Driven

milky_way In the middle somewhere, but much closer to Member Quality of Life Driven

Inwardly Focused left_right_arrow Outwardly Focused

milky_way In the middle somewhere

Family Size (4-6) left_right_arrow Village Size (500+)

milky_way In the middle somewhere, say around 50-100 people

Low Technology Use left_right_arrow High Technology Use

milky_way High Technology Use

Mainstream Appeal left_right_arrow Radical Appeal

milky_way In the middle somewhere, but slightly closer to Radical Appeal

Deep Alignment left_right_arrow Consensus left_right_arrow Voting left_right_arrow Small Decision Group left_right_arrow Sole Leader

milky_way Consensus would be my preference, but maybe Voting. Perhaps a hybrid of the two depending on the type of issue.

Flat Power left_right_arrow Dispersed Power left_right_arrow Strong Pockets of Power left_right_arrow Very Lopsided

milky_way Dispersed Power

Strong Group Role in Conflict Resolution left_right_arrow Group Hands Off with Conflict Resolution

milky_way In the middle somewhere

Rules-based left_right_arrow Relationally-based

milky_way In the middle somewhere, closer to Relationally-based

"Moving Toward" Energy left_right_arrow "Resisting" Energy

milky_way "Moving Toward" Energy

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