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Sharon Villines

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There is no reason Mirador Astronomy Village (MAV) could not accommodate several versions of the "spectrum" in the different housing areas - Campsite (tent to RV), "Hotel", Dorm, Apartment, Private Residence, etc. ....

There are intentional communities that have this range. Cohousing has included a few government subsidized units but the issue is that unless you are in the country you can’t get building permits to build anything other than conventional housing. 

In an isolated location, a guest house might be a source of income. Focused weekend programs might draw people — even just to experience a dark sky. And actually see stars. I recently read of B&B in Scotland that was floundering until the owner started having knitting retreats. The big focus was just knitting and chatting. Sharing projects. She had some events like having a yarn company come one afternoon with a “trunk sale”, yarns discounted because they are discontinued. Or someone to give lessons for 2 hours. Simple programs that don’t take huge amounts of preparation or expense. If the community members donate time, and the guest house is small, it might be a possibility. There are several cohousing communities that are adjacent to some kind of educational center.

One thing Chuck Durrett has said is that you can’t do two things at one time. Focus on one. Develop a staged program with the first stage financing the second but get built by focusing on the first stage.

Isolation is a challenge for people needing employment but working from a distance is becoming more common. Senior cohousing might work well. Also an isolated location that has an easy shot to a airport. Even 4 hours away seems doable. But I’m used to urban distances now. I know in Nebraska, people in small towns had small planes and would fly to Kansas City for dinner.

What are the dreams of this group?


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