Re: Characteristics of Intentional Communities

Lissa Bengtson

The idea of being able to have part of the campus rented for groups that want to have a retreat is a real revenue generator.  
   If you have looked at Airbnb lately—they are thinking “out-of-the-box” and offering experiences as well as places to stay. 
  Every Thanksgiving (not sure about this one!) I go to Greene Family Camp outside of Bruceville,TX for 4 days of folk dancing.  There are several housing options, and we dance and eat in a large building, partying as late into the night as we want. Renting the camp for 4 days costs $25,000.   There are usually 200-250 attendees. It costs me $350 or so because I prefer the private room option.  All meals included. 
    Other fond workshop memories I’ve had were at John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC  as well as Festival Hill near Round Top, TX.   Festival Hill is known for classical music concerts in their Elizabethan theater, but they have many other workshops during the year—some they sponsor, which brings in revenue. 
    Most of these places know how many attendees they need to break even and if registration isn’t high enough, they cancel the workshop.  As far as I know they are all 501c3’s. 
     This weekend I plan to have time to savor these posts and think through them.  

Lissa Bengtson
San Antonio

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