It's a Process: Moving from "Me" Towards "We"

David Oesper

The last topic I’d like to share from Yana Ludwig’s webinar, "How to Start an Intentional Community", is the recognition that any intentional community (including Mirador Astronomy Village) provides an opportunity to “move the needle” at least a little from the status quo towards a more wholesome way of living.

We are All In a Cultural Transition…

… and Community is a Fertile Ground For It

Independence arrow_right Interdependence

Judgement arrow_right Discernment

Me arrow_right We

Hoarding Resources arrow_right Sharing Resources

Competition arrow_right Cooperation

Blame arrow_right Compassion

...and it is Lifelong Work!

I'd love to live in a rural or even remote area, where the night sky is dark and filled with stars, but I would never want to live in such an isolated place with just me and my family. I need a community.


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