David Oesper

Hi Maxeem,

Welcome to the group! As we develop our idea for Mirador Astronomy Village, it is clear we'll need several different types of housing for residents. All of it rental. One that I had not considered but now will add to the Mirador specifications document is the sharehouse idea that you so eloquently wrote about:

"One thing that maybe could have helped...may be to have one sharehouse, not necessarily among the single-family homes but a part of the community. That is, a big place with people sharing close quarters. It's my preferred community style and it's sometimes not present in otherwise great communities that have a very imposing entry price for hard working community members, besides any additional HOA type agreements. This would have given me a home, given potential new friend(s) an entry point, allow some renters, and create a sub-culture that is exciting, multicultural and hopefully blends naturally with a welcoming invitation to any privileges made available for long-term stayers. Some of the short-term folks ending up becoming long-term folks, ideally, I guess."

"It may not apply to what you're discussing, but just thought I would toss in the idea about what replenishes my sense of community."

It does definitely apply to what we're discussing, Maxeem. Thank you! Bennett has been describing something similar, but sometimes I need to hear about an idea more than once before it sinks in, and you've given it a name: sharehouse.

I found this web page "What is a share house?" that gives further helpful details:

So, Mirador should have the following types of housing:

  1. A cohousing community
  2. Apartments
  3. A sharehouse
  4. An RV park
  5. Lodging for visitors and guests

Have I got it covered?

Thanks much!


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