Re: Mirador Astronomy Village Living Accommodations #poll

David Oesper


Asking “why rentals?” you’ve touched upon an essential feature of Mirador Astronomy Village. I will speak to that, but first a few words about location.

Despite our best efforts to contain it, light pollution is getting worse almost everywhere. It is getting increasingly difficult to find places to live that are not significantly affected by it, and they are usually not only rural but remote.

My dream with Mirador is to help create a community in a (necessarily) remote area with a pristine view of the night sky and a natural nighttime environment that can be enjoyed and appreciated each and every night—something that is simply not available within the perpetual twilight “fog” in our cities and towns.

Why rental? Because I believe strongly that everyone who wants to live at Mirador should be able to afford to live at Mirador. Increasingly, retirees are renting instead of owning their homes. And, for young people, home ownership is out of reach for many and they must rent.

Many astronomy-enthusiasts I know (myself included) would never be able to afford a $300K-$400K home, would never be able to buy a piece of land and build a new house on it, and would never be able to have two homes, one in “civilization” and one in a remote area.

Mirador Astronomy Village as we envision it ( would function best as a proprietary community and that requires that everyone living there rents. Bennett can best explain the many advantages of a proprietary community, but for me the most important benefit is that it will be easy for people to move in and move out as life circumstances change. Want to give Mirador a trial run? Easy. Getting on in years and need to move closer to family? Easy. And so on.

How to finance an all-rental development? I’ve been asking myself that question almost every day for the past several months. It is certainly the most difficult problem we need to solve before we can move this project forward. I don’t have the answer yet.

I know that in cities, all-rental developments get built all the time. Apartment buildings, for example, and now, more recently, build-to-rent (B2R) neighborhoods where all the new homes are rental. How are they financed? Is there any way to apply those financing methods to a small development in a remote area?


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