RV Accommodations

David Oesper

My classical violinist friend writes,

Many “snowbirds” we have met do their staying in their rv instead of condos. We have done this ourselves in Florida, Arizona, and Alabama for several weeks at a time. In the hot summer, most likely many of your camping rv sites would be vacant but there wouldn’t be the same issues as a condo being empty for months at a time. A wild area similar to many state parks would be great! This might be possible depending on how much land you have. Some sites could have full hookups but others could have just electricity and water at a reduced rate. Sewer hookups would be desirable for larger RV’s that stay longer. Many parks have weekly and monthly rates giving a break from nightly rates.

High desert with an unobstructed view of the entire sky would be the preferred location for Mirador, and there land would be less expensive, but being close to a state or national park is likely to improve the economical viability and appeal of the astronomy community, even if the land costs more.

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