EcoReality Wiki Example

David Oesper

EcoReality is located about 3 km west of Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Though not a candidate for a dark-sky community, I wanted to share with you their wiki. Even though it is old-school and low-tech, it is surprisingly effective and did not require the services of an expensive web designer. Pay special attention to their "Some ecovillage components" map down towards the bottom of the page!!

Perhaps we could develop a wiki for Mirador and/or dark-sky communities in general. Wikis are collaborative, just like Wikipedia.

David Oesper

Jan Steinman shared some additional information about the EcoReality website:

"Please feel free to share the website with anyone. It used MediaWiki, the open-source software behind Wikipedia. It is great for collaborative work. The ecovillage components map is an extension that uses the open-source “GraphViz” package, and is editable by anyone who can log in. I’ve also written a MySQL database extension that is used extensively on our site — just about anywhere you see a table is a live view of the database."